Binding configuration

The file aft-test.json contains the controller binding configuration. Here, you have to change or define the files key in the args object of the testVerb section, testVerb is an array of verb definition which are meant to launch different LUA test files.

Also you MUST specify which api you need to trace to perform your tests. Specify which api to trace using a pattern.

Edit the JSON array to point to your tests files.

Here is an example:

    "id": "",
    "$schema": "",
    "metadata": {
        "uid": "Test",
        "version": "1.0",
        "api": "afTest",
        "info": "Binding made to test other bindings",
        "require": [
    "testVerb": {
        "uid": "launch_all_tests",
        "info": "Launch all the tests",
        "action": "lua://AFT#_launch_test",
        "args": {
            "trace": "hello",
            "files": ["aftTest.lua","helloworld.lua"]