The OEM needs library for AGL

There are some software package that the OEM needs, but not exist in the AGL source.
This layer is add OEM needs library for AGL.

The software packages list: * boost * fixesproto * imagemagick * iptables * Xorg-macros * zlib * eglibc = glibc * libcurl * libgif * libneon * mongoose * fuse * protocol buffers * bsdiff * module-init-tools * libcroco * libtiff * librsvg * libpcap

Quick start guide

To Add these library by add the feature ‘agl-oem-extra-libs’

  1. Before build you need prepare agl layers:
    • You can read it at meta-agl/
  2. build the agl-demo-platform with ‘agl-oem-extra-libs’:
source meta-agl/scripts/ -m qemux86-64 agl-demo [agl-appfw-smack] [agl-devel] [agl-netboot] agl-oem-extra-libs
  1. Build agl-demo-platform
bitbake agl-demo-platform

Supported Machines

Reference hardware:

  • QEMU (x86-64) - emulated machine: qemux86-64
  • Renesas R-Car Gen2 (R-Car M2) - machine: porter