Part 1 - Build AGL image from scratch


The AGL DevKit allows developers to rebuild a complete bootable image and its associated SDK from source code.\ It uses Yocto/Poky version 2.x with latest version of Renesas BSP and enables low-level development of drivers and system services.

The AGL DevKit contains:

  • This guide, which describes how to create a Docker container able to build AGL images and associated SDKs.\ The container is also suitable to build AGL Applications independently of Yocto/Bitbake.
  • Applications templates and demos available on Github, to start developing various types of applications independently of Yocto:
    • services
    • native applications
    • HTML5 applications
  • A documentation guide “AGL Devkit - Build your 1st AGL Application” which explains how to use the AGL SDK to create applications based on templates.

This document focuses on building from scratch an AGL image for Porter board, within a Docker container, and then install the associated SDK.