Build an image for Porter board

In this section, we will go on the image compilation for the Porter board within the Docker container.

Download Renesas proprietary drivers

For the Porter board, we first need to download the proprietary drivers from Renesas web site. The evaluation version of these drivers can be found here:

under the Target hardware: R-Car H2, M2 and E2 section:

Note that you have to register with a free account on MyRenesas and accept the license conditions before downloading them. The operation is fast and simple but nevertheless mandatory to access evaluation of non open-source drivers for free.

Once you register, you can download two zip files: store them in a directory visible from the container, for example in the directory $MIRRORDIR/proprietary-renesas-r-car ($MIRRORDIR was created previously in section Start the container and adjust the permissions. The zip files should then be visible from the inside of the container in /home/devel/mirror:

$ chmod +r /home/devel/mirror/proprietary-renesas-r-car/*.zip
$ ls -l /home/devel/mirror/proprietary-renesas-r-car/
total 8220
-rw-r--r-- 1 1000 1000 6047383 Jul 11 11:03
-rw-r--r-- 1 1000 1000 2394750 Jul 11 11:03

Setup the build environment

We should first prepare the environment to build images.

This can be easily done thanks to a helper script named prepare_meta. This script does the following:

The following options are available:

devel@bsp-devkit:~$ prepare_meta -h
prepare_meta [options]

 -f|--flavour <flavour[/tag_or_revision]>
   what flavour to us
   default: 'iotbzh'
   possible values: 'stable','unstable','testing', 'iotbzh' ... see agl-manifest git repository
 -o|--outputdir <destination_dir>
   output directory where subdirectories will be created: meta, build, ...
    default: current directory (.)
 -l|--localmirror <directory>
   specifies a local mirror directory to initialize meta, download_dir or sstate-cache
    default: none
 -r|--remotemirror <url>
   specifies a remote mirror directory to be used at build time for download_dir or sstate-cache
    default: none
 -p|--proprietary <directory>
   Directory containing Renesas proprietary drivers for RCar platform (2 zip files)
    default: none
 -e|--enable <option>
   enable a specific option
    available options: ccache, upgrade
 -d|--disable <option>
   disable a specific option
    available options: ccache, upgrade
 -t|--target <name>
   target platform
    default: porter
    valid options: intel-corei7-64, qemux86, qemux86-64, wandboard
   get this help

  prepare_meta -f iotbzh/master -o /tmp/xdt -l /ssd/mirror -p /vol/xdt/proprietary-renesas-rcar/ -t porter

In our case, we can start it with the following arguments:

  • build in /xdt (-o /xdt)
  • build for porter board (-t porter)
  • build the ‘iotbzh’ flavour (-f iotbzh), which contains the standard AGL layers + security and app framework. Flavours are stored in the agl-manifest repository.
  • Use a local mirror (-l <mirror path>). This directory may contain some directories generated in a previous build: downloads, sstate-cache, ccache, meta. If found, the mirror directories will be specified in configuration files.
  • specify proprietary drivers location (-p <drivers path>)

So we can run the helper script:

devel@bsp-devkit:~$ prepare_meta -o /xdt -t porter -f rel2.0 -l /home/devel/mirror/ -p /home/devel/mirror/proprietary-renesas-r-car/ -e wipeconfig
=== setup build for porter
Using proprietary Renesas drivers for target porter
=== conf: build.conf
=== conf: download caches
=== conf: sstate caches
=== conf: local.conf
=== conf: -> bblayers.conf
=== conf: -> bblayers.conf
=== conf: is empty
=== conf: is empty
=== conf: is empty
=== conf: is empty
=== conf: is empty
=== conf: is empty

Build environment is ready. To use it, run:

# source /xdt/meta/poky/oe-init-build-env /xdt/build


# bitbake agl-demo-platform

Now, the container shell is ready to build an image for Porter.

Launch the build

To start the build, we can simply enter the indicated commands:

devel@bsp-devkit:~$ . /xdt/build/agl-init-build-env
### Shell environment set up for builds. ###

You can now run 'bitbake <target>'

Common target are:


devel@bsp-devkit:/xdt/build$ bitbake agl-demo-platform
NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 5108 tasks of which 4656 didn't need to
be rerun and all succeeded.

Summary: There were 19 WARNING messages shown.

Without mirror, it will take a few hours to build all the required component of the AGL distribution, depending on: your host machine CPU, disk drives types and internet connection.

Updating the local mirror

Optionally, at the end of the build, some directories may be synced to the mirror dir, for future usage:

  • /xdt/meta: contains all layers used to build AGL
  • /xdt/downloads: download cache (avoid fetching source from remote sites)
  • /xdt/sstate-cache: binary build results (avoid recompiling sources)

This can be done with the following command:

$ for x in meta downloads sstate-cache; do rsync -Pav \
   --delete /xdt/$x /home/devel/mirror/$x; done