Part 2 - Build your 1st application


In the first part of this document, entitled “** Build AGL image from scratch**”, we rebuilt a complete bootable AGL image from source code. We also generated and installed related SDK files in our development container. This document describes the next step: using the SDK to build applications and deploy them on a target board running an AGL image.

AGL DevKit as a whole contains:

  • AGL Devkit - Image and SDK for porter” guide for preparing a Docker container with AGL SDK, ready to build AGL applications
  • Application templates and demos, allowing developers to start developing various types of applications:
    • Services
    • Native applications
    • HTML5 applications
  • This guide, focused on how to use these applications templates

This document focuses on: initializing the SDK environment, building the development templates, modifying them, and installing them on the target.