Debug using xds-gdb from command line

XDS remote debugging mode

First the project you want to debug must be declared on an xds-server and this project may also has been built using using XDS (see Create your first AGL application for more details).

So to debug it you need to have the XDS agent - server chain in place and you also need the project and sdk unique id.

You can find these IDs in project page of XDS dashboard or you can get them from command line using the --list option.

This option lists all existing projects ID:

xds-gdb --list

Now to refer your project, just set XDS_PROJECT_ID and XDS_SDK_ID variables.

You are now ready to use xds-gdb to for example cross debug your project.

Here is an example to build and debug a project based on CMakefile and cmake-apps-module:

# Go into your project directory (for example helloworld-native-application)
cd ~/xds-workspace
git clone
cd helloworld-service

# Declare your project on xds-server
# <for now, you can only do this step using xds HTML dashboard (see xds-server doc)>

# Define XDS config
cat <<EOF >./xds-config.env
#optional if not default value: XDS_AGENT_URL=http://localhost:8800

# Tell to xds-cli and xds-gdb which is your config file
export XDS_CONFIG=../xds-gen3.conf

# Create a new build directory
mkdir build && cd build

# Start remote cross build
xds-cli exec -- cmake -DRSYNC_TARGET=root@myTarget ..
xds-cli exec -- make
xds-cli exec -- make remote-target-populate

# Start debugging
xds-gdb -x target/gdb-on-root@myTarget.ini

Note: : helloworld-native-application project is an AGL project based on cmake-apps-module (refer to install cmake module instructions). This CMake templating, used to develop application with the AGL Application Framework, will automatically generate makefile rules (eg. remote-target-populate) or scripts (eg. build/target/xxx scripts).

For more info about app-template, please refer to this documentation.

Native debugging

To enable native debugging mode, you need to define XDS_NATIVE_GDB variable.