?README-AGL.md: The Automotive Grade Linux Distribution

AGL is creating an automotive specific Linux distribution (AGL UCB) that unifies the software that has been written in a number of places already, such as GENIVI and Tizen IVI.

The layer ‘meta-agl’ provides a minimal set of software to boot system of AGL Distribution. ‘meta-agl’ is the minimal core which is used build AGL profiles on top of it.

The reference UI is part of ‘meta-agl-demo’.

Additional components like the security framework are part of ‘meta-agl-extra’.

The AGL community appreciates feedback, ideas, suggestion, bugs and documentation just as much as code. Please join the irc conversation at the #automotive channel on irc.freenode.net and our mailing list.

For infomation for subscribing to the mailing list automotive-discussions For information about AGL Distribution, see the AGL Distribution For information abount Getting started with AGL here For information about contributing to the AGL Distro here

For more documentation about AGL: