(Optional) Remove the git submodule version

If you already use the controller component but use the submodule version then you have to get rid of it to be sure to link and use the library version. To do so, you have to do the following:

  • deinitialize the submodule using git
# This example assumes that the git submodule is named app-afb-helpers-submodule
# and is located at your root project repository.
git submodule deinit app-afb-helpers-submodule
  • remove the relative submodule lines from the .gitmodules file
vim .gitmodules
  • remove the ctl-utilities target link from any CMake target you specified. Those lines look like:
    ctl-utilities # REMOVE THIS LINE

Add libappcontroller as a static library to your binding

In your config.cmake file, add a dependency to the controller library, i.e:

	ctl-utilities --> this is the controller library dependency name

Or you can also use the FIND_PACKAGE CMake command to add it.

Declare your controller config section in your binding

// CtlSectionT syntax:
// key: "section name in config file"
// loadCB: callback to process section
// handle: a void* pass to callback when processing section
static CtlSectionT ctlSections[]= {
    {.key="plugins" , .loadCB= PluginConfig, .handle= &halCallbacks},
    {.key="onload"  , .loadCB= OnloadConfig},
    {.key="halmap"  , .loadCB= MapConfigLoad},

Do the controller config parsing at binding pre-init

   // check if config file exist
    const char *dirList= getenv("CTL_CONFIG_PATH");
    if (!dirList) dirList=CONTROL_CONFIG_PATH;

    const char *configPath = CtlConfigSearch(apiHandle, dirList, "prefix");
    if(!confiPath) return -1;

    ctlConfig = CtlConfigLoad(dirList, ctlSections);
    if (!ctlConfig) return -1;

Execute the controller config during binding init

  int err = CtlConfigExec (ctlConfig);