Getting Started for Users


X(cross) Development System (XDS) is set of tools that provide a multi-platform for cross development with near-zero installation.

This documentation is available :

The first goal of XDS is to provide a multi-platform cross development tool with near-zero installation.

The second goal is to keep application sources locally (on user’s machine) to make it compatible with existing IT policies (e.g. corporate backup or SCM), and let user to continue to work as usual (use his favorite editor, keep performance while editing/browsing sources).

The two main blocks that compose XDS:

  • The client part (xds-agent) running on the user’s machine and
  • The server part (xds-server) running somewhere in a container or on a server machine (on local network or cloud).

The client part (xds-agent) is portable and is running on:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS

The following 3 main configurations are supported:

  • standalone (or local) config
  • On-Premise (local network)
  • SaaS (Cloud based)