Build using XDS Dashboard

Declare project

Use XDS Dashboard to declare your project. Open a browser and connect to XDS Dashboard.

URL depends of your config, for example http://localhost:8800

Open the right sidebar and select Projects entry to open project page and then create/declare a new project by with the plus icon:

Set Sharing Type and paths according to your needs.

Note that XDS creates (if not already exists) a file named xds-project.conf when you declare a new project.

This file may be very useful when you plan to use XDS client tools such as xds-cli or xds-gdb.


When Path mapping type is selected, you must clone your project into $HOME/xds-workspace directory (named Local Path in modal window).

If XDS server is running in the XDS docker container (see Installation based on Docker container ), the Server Path must be set to /home/devel/xds-workspace/xxx where xxx is your project directory name.

If you select Cloud Sync, you can clone your project wherever you want on your local disk.

Build from XDS dashboard

Note: helloworld-native-application requires few configuration items to be able to walkthrough the whole process. To pass some environment variables, use the Settings window in the Build tab. The Env variables field allows to pass a list of environment variables (semi-colon separated) that will be set on the server prior to any build action. For the helloworld-native-application you have to pass something like RSYNC_TARGET=root@mytarget;RSYNC_PREFIX=/opt (please replace mytarget by a valid target IP address or DNS name entry).

Open the build page build entry of left sidebar ,

then select your Project and the Cross SDK you want to use and click on Clean / Pre-Build / Build / Populate buttons to execute various build actions.