The meta-agl-demo layer is the reference user interface layer for the DEMO platform of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL). The layer provides a reference platform and applications. The BitBake target name for the DEMO platform is agl-demo-platform, which is the full DEMO platform image.

Layer Dependencies

This section describes dependencies for the meta-agl-demo layer. Dependencies are grouped into base, hardware, and feature dependencies.

Base Dependencies

The meta-agl-demo layer has the following base dependencies:

  • Yocto Project Release:

    • URI: git://
    • Branch: “rocko”

  • AGL meta-agl Layer:

    • URI:
    • Branch: “guppy”

  • OpenEmbedded meta-openembedded Layer:

    • Branch: “rocko”

      Specifically, out of meta-openembedded, these sub-layers are used:

      • meta-oe
      • meta-multimedia
      • meta-networking
      • meta-python

  • Yocto Project meta-qt5 Layer from the OpenEmbedded Layer Index:

    • URI:
    • Branch: “rocko”

Hardware Dependencies

Aside from the previously listed base dependencies, if you are using a supported Renesas board supported Renesas board, these dependencies exist:

  • AGL’s meta-renesas Layer:

    • URI:

Feature Dependencies

The meta-agl-demo layer has the following AGL feature dependencies:

  • Yocto Project meta-security Layer:

    • URI:
    • Branch: “rocko”

  • AGL’s meta-app-framework Layer Within the meta-agl Layer:

    • URI:
    • Branch: “guppy”

The agl-sota Feature:

  • AGL’s meta-sota Layer Within the meta-agl-extra Layer:

    • URI:
    • Branch: “guppy”

  • OpenEmbedded’s meta-openembedded Layer:

    • URI:
    • Branch: “rocko”

      In particular, the meta-openembedded layer depends on the meta-filesystems sub-layer.

The agl-netboot Feature:

  • AGL’s meta-netboot Layer Within the meta-agl Layer:

    • URI:
    • Branch: “guppy”


AGL DEMO Platform’s packagegroups consist of the following:


This packagegroup is used for generating the agl-demo-platform image, which is the full image for the AGL distributions IVI profile. You can see the recipe (i.e. that installs the packagegroup-agl-demo-platform packagegroup here.

As meta-agl’s design of packagegroups, the recipe installs only packagegroup-agl-demo-platform and the packages of the DEMO applications.

agl-demo-platform contains the following four packagegroups:

  • packagegroup-agl-image-minimal
  • packagegroup-agl-image-ivi
  • packagegroup-agl-demo-platform


These packagegroups contain packages for the AGL distribution’s Application Framework. Subsystem should maintain packagegroup-agl-appfw-[subsystem].bb, which should hold sufficient packages for the Application Framework.

Subsystems also can maintain their own packagegroups using appropriate recipes-*/. For example, Qt5 has two packagegroups in meta-agl-demo: packagegroup-agl-appfw-native-qt5 and packagegroup-agl-demo-qt-examples, which are under recipes-qt/.

The packagegroup-agl-appfw-native-qt5 is included by packagegroup-agl-appfw-native because Qt5 belongs to native application framework of AGL Distro.

Because the packagegroup-agl-demo-qt-examples is not mandatory for the AGL Application Framework and the AGL DEMO, the packagegroup is added to the layer’s local.conf file only when needed.