AGL VIWI HIGH-VIWI binding architecture

This binding is intended to act between low-level binding(s) and clients. It builds ViWi resources as defined in a json configuration file. It implements subscribe/unsubscribe/get verbs for the clients accordingly with protocol specification.

Each ViWi resource can be composed of several elements, for which subscriptions will be made to the low-level binding with configurable frequencies or filters.

ViWi High Level binding architecture

Brief VIWI description

ViWi (Volkswagen Infotainment Web Interface) protocol defines a serie of objects, which can be queried or updated via JSon messages.

Each object is assigned with a unique URI.

The depth of the URI tree is limited to 3, i.e. /service/resource>/element/, for instance /car/doors/3901a278-ba17-44d6-9aef-f7ca67c04840.

To retrieve the list of elements for a given resource, one can use the get command, for instance get /car/doors/.

It is also possible to subscribe to elements or group of elements, for instance subscribe /car/doors/3901a278-ba17-44d6-9aef-f7ca67c04840. Requests can also have various filters, or specify a frequency.

More details in the ViWi general documentation and in the documentation