Debugging your AGL application is based on the GNU Project Debugger (GDB). In order to use GDB, you must use xds-gdb as a wrapper on GDB to cross-debug your application. For information on xds-gdb, see the “Client Part” topic.

Using xds-gdb allows you to debug an application built with XDS without the need to install GDB or any cross-tools.

XDS supports two debugging models:

  • Native debugging

  • XDS remote debugging

The default debugging model is XDS remote. To use this model, you must have previously set up the XDS agent and server so that you can cross-debug your application. See the “Server Part” and “Client Part” topics for more information on getting set up.

If you want to use the native debugging model, you must define the XDS_NATIVE_GDB environment variable. See the “Configuration” topic for information on XDS configuration variables.

The remainder of this topic describes configurations, using the XDS command line to debug, and using an IDE to debug.