XDS - X(cross) Development System Server

xds-server is a web server that allows user to remotely cross build applications.

  • The first goal is to provide a multi-platform cross development tool with near-zero installation.
  • The second goal is to keep application sources locally (on user’s machine).
    • Make it compatible with existing IT policies (e.g. corporate backup or SCM).
    • Let user to continue to work as usual.
      • Use his favorite editor.
      • keep performance while editing/browsing sources.
      • Avoids manual operation

This powerful and portable webserver (written in Go) exposes a REST interface over HTTP.

xds-server uses Syncthing tool to synchronize projects files from user machine to build server machine or container.

xds-server is commonly running on a build server (within a container or not) and xds-agent must run on the developer/user machine in order to setup the following connection chain:

    developer/user machine  |  build server or container
  xds-cli <---> xds-agent <-|-> xds-server

SEE ALSO: xds-cli, a command-line tool that allows you to send commands to xds-agent / xds-server and for example build your application from command-line or from your favorite IDE (such as Netbeans or Visual Studio Code) through xds-agent <=> xds-server.

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