Start-up based on systemd user service

For Linux distro, XDS agent can be started as a user service by Systemd.


Use well-known systemd commands to control xds-agent.service service.

# Status XDS agent:
systemctl --user status xds-agent

# Start XDS agent
systemctl --user start xds-agent

# Stop XDS agent
systemctl --user stop xds-agent

Default settings are defined in /etc/default/xds-agent file but these settings you can overwritten by $HOME/.xds/agent/agent-config.json file, see Configuration chapter for more details.

Manual start-up

On Linux or MacOS, simply execute xds-agent executable:


On Windows, simply execute xds-agent executable (root path may change depending where you installed/unzipped xds-agent tarball):



If need be, you can increase log level by setting option --log <level>, supported level are: panic, fatal, error, warn, info, debug.

Invoke xds-agent --help to get more details about possible options that allow for example to change logging level or select a specific configuration file.