xds-cli configuration is defined either by environment variables or by setting command line options.

Configuration through environment variables may also be defined in a file that will be sourced by xds-cli on start-up.

Use --config|-c option or set XDS_CONFIG environment variable to specify the config file to use.

So configuration is driven either by environment variables or by command line options or using a config file knowing that the following priority order is used:

  1. use option value (for example use project ID set by --id option),
  2. else use variable XDS_xxx (for example XDS_PROJECT_ID variable) when a config file is specified with --config|-c option,
  3. else use XDS_xxx (for example XDS_PROJECT_ID) environment variable


All parameters after a double dash (–) are considered as the command to execute on xds-server.

Global Options / Configuration variables

Following is the list of global options across all sub-commands.

--config|-c option or XDS_CONFIG env variable

Env config file to source on startup

--log|-l option or XDS_LOGLEVEL env variable

Logging level, supported levels are:

  • panic
  • fatal
  • error
  • warn
  • info
  • debug

Default level is “error”.

--rpath option or XDS_PATH env variable

Relative path into project

timestamp|-ts option or XDS_TIMESTAMP env variable

Prefix output with timestamp

url option or XDS_AGENT_URL env variable

Local XDS agent url (default: “localhost:8800”)