AGL makes two types of hardware support available: Reference BSPs and Community BSPs.

1) Reference Boards have Board Support Packages (BSPs) that are maintained by their sponsoring companies and are included in our Jenkins CI system. Reference BSPs have snapshot builds that are made available daily and are fully validated with test results made available for every major AGL release.

2) Community Boards have BSPs that are maintained as a best effort by the AGL community based on upstream BSPs. Community Boards include some of the most-used Hobbyist boards such as older automotive boards.

The following table briefs about the various hardware platforms, supported by AGL :

AGL Reference Machines

QEMU qemu-x86-64 x86 QEMU Quick Start
qemu-arm arm32
qemu-arm64 arm64
RCar Gen 3 h3ulcb arm64 RCar Gen 3 Quick Start
h3-salvator-x arm64
h3-kf arm64
m3ulcb arm64
m3-salvator-x arm64
m3-kf arm64
agl-refhw arm64
Raspberry Pi raspberrypi4 arm64 Raspberry Pi Quick Start

Community Supported Boards

BeagleBone bbe arm32
beaglebone arm32
i.MX 6 cubox-i arm32
imx6qdlsabreauto arm32
i.MX 8 imx8mqevk arm64
imx8mqevk-viv arm64
virtio virtio-aarch64 arm64

Supported Images

AGL supports a variety of interfaces, each requiring unique setup configuration.

1. In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Supported boards :

AGL Reference Boards (QEMU, RCar Gen 3, agl-refhw & Raspberry Pi 4)

Community supported Machines (BBE, i. MX 6, i. MX 8)

2. Instrument Cluster

Supported boards :

AGL Reference Boards (QEMU, RCar Gen 3 & Raspberry Pi 4)

3. Telematics

Headless demo platform for low-spec boards.

Supported boards :

Community supported Machines (BeagleBone)