Build and Boot AGL Instrument Cluster demo image (IC-IVI with Container isolation)

Required Equipments

1) Tested board: Starter Kit Pro/M3 + kingfisher support

2) MicroUSB

3) MicroSD card

0. Host PC environemnt

Build PC Ubuntu OS (Tested version 18.04.6 LTS)

1. Define Your Top-Level Directory

mkdir -p $AGL_TOP

2. Download the repo Tool and Set Permissions

mkdir -p $HOME/bin
export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH
curl > $HOME/bin/repo
chmod a+x $HOME/bin/repo

3. Download the AGL Source Files

repo init -b octopus -m octopus_15.0.0.xml -u
- Optional: Specify the master branch
repo init -u

4. Downloading Proprietary Drivers

Downloading Proprietary Drivers from Renesas-automotive-products - To check the files to download

grep -rn ZIP_.= $AGL_TOP/meta-agl/meta-agl-bsp/meta-rcar-gen3/scripts/
export XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR=$HOME/Downloads
- Download and copy Proprietary Drivers files (Run commands at downloaded files directory)
cp R-Car_Gen3_Series_Evaluation_Software_Package_* $XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR/
chmod a+rw $XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR/*.zip

5. Define Your Board

6. Run the Script

source meta-agl/scripts/ -f -m $MACHINE -b $MACHINE agl-lxc

7. Using BitBake

bitbake lxc-host-image-demo
- The build process puts the resulting image in the Build Directory ($AGL_TOP/m3ulcb-kf/tmp/deploy/images/m3ulcb)

8.Boot the Board (Deploying the AGL Demo Image)

a) Update all firmware on R-Car M3 Starter Kit board (Flashing firmware).

b) Prepare the MicroSD card and Flash image to the MicroSD card using Etcher (image file name: lxc-host-image-demo-m3ulcb-kf.wic.xz), then insert MicroSD card in the R-Car M3SK.
c) Boot the board.

1) Use a MicroUSB cable to connect the PC to R-Car Starter Kit Pro (M3ULCB) board CN12 "CPLD/DEBUG" - Serial settings are 115200 8N1. - Run any standard terminal emulator program (e.g. minicom). [Replace "Device" with USB tty device name, for example /dev/ttyUSB0]

sudo minicom -b 115200 -D "DEVICE"

Run SoC board Screen

A) Connect HDMI panel to M3SK(CN4) for IVI Container IVI

B) Connect HDMI panel to Kingfisher(CN49)for Cluster Container IC

Reference webpages

  1. eLinux
  2. Kingfisher Board
  3. R-Car M3SK
  4. agl reference machines
  5. AGL Tech Day Presenation
  6. Build AGL Image
  7. Building for Supported Renesas Boards