Preparing your build host so that it can build an AGL image means making sure your system is set up to use the Yocto Project OpenEmbedded build system, which is based on BitBake.

This section presents minimal information so you can prepare the build host to use the "Dunfell" version of the Yocto Project (i.e. version 3.1.2). If you want more details on how the Yocto Project works, you can reference the Yocto Project documentation here.

NOTE: This entire section presumes you want to build an image. You can skip the entire build process if you want to use a ready-made development image. The supported images exist for several boards as well as for the Quick EMUlator (QEMU). See the "Quickstart" section for more information on the ready-made images.

  1. Use a Supported Linux Distribution: To use the AGL software, it is recommended that your build host is a native Linux machine that runs a Yocto Project supported distribution as described by the "Supported Linux Distributions" section in the Yocto Project Reference Manual. Basically, you should be running a recent version of Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, CentOS, or Debian.

  2. Be Sure Your Build Host Has Enough Free Disk Space: Your build host should have at least 100 Gbytes.

  3. Be Sure Tools are Recent: You need to have recent versions for the following tools:

    • Git or greater
    • Tar 1.27 or greater
    • Python 3.4.0 or greater

If your distribution does not meet these minimal requirements, see the "Required Git, tar, and Python Versions" section in the Yocto Project Reference Manual for steps that you can take to be sure you have these tools.

  1. Install Essential, Graphical, and Eclipse Plug-in Build Host Packages: Your build host needs certain host packages. Depending on the Linux distribution you are using, the list of host packages differ. See "The Build Host Packages" section of the Yocto Project Quick Start for information on the packages you need.

NOTE: If you are using the CentOS distribution, you need to separately install the epel-release package and run the makecache command as described in "The Build Host Packages" section of the Yocto Project Quick Start.

Aside from the packages listed in the previous section, you need the following: