Build and Boot AGL Flutter Instrument Cluster demo image made for GSoC

0. Prepare Your Build Host

1. Define Your Top-Level Directory

$ export AGL_TOP=$HOME/AGL
$ echo 'export AGL_TOP=$HOME/AGL' >> $HOME/.bashrc
$ mkdir -p $AGL_TOP

2. Download the repo Tool and Set Permissions

$ mkdir -p $HOME/bin
$ export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH
$ echo 'export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH' >> $HOME/.bashrc
$ curl > $HOME/bin/repo
$ chmod a+x $HOME/bin/repo

3. Download the AGL Source Files

To download the latest master branch AGL files, use the following commands:

$ cd $AGL_TOP
$ mkdir master
$ cd master
$ repo init -u
$ repo sync

4. Initialize the build environment using Script

To initialize the build environment, we must use the setup script. This script is available here:

$ $AGL_TOP/master/meta-agl/scripts/
Run the script:

$ cd $AGL_TOP
$ source master/meta-agl/scripts/ -b build-flutter-cluster -m qemux86-64 agl-demo agl-devel

** NOTE: Set the API key in local.conf **

5. Using BitBake

$ cd $AGL_TOP/master/build-flutter-cluster
$ source agl-init-build-env
$ bitbake agl-cluster-demo-platform-flutter

6. Deploying the AGL Demo Image

Boot the image using QEMU

$ cd $AGL_TOP/master/build-flutter-cluster
$ source agl-init-build-env
$ runqemu kvm serialstdio slirp publicvnc

6. Run the Graphics

To get graphics of the app, you need VNC client like VNC Viewer or Vinagre

That's it, you should get something like this: Screenshot

7. To start navigation widget

To get the navigation, you need to use kuksa_viss_client or script.

Using inbuilt script

After running the build, you should get this:

Automotive Grade Linux 13.93.0 qemux86-64 ttyS0

qemux86-64 login:

Login as root

qemux86-64 login: root
Now run the script

root@qemux86-64:~# /usr/sbin/

Using kuksa_viss_client

Know more about kuksa_viss_client, Follow this


Test Client> setValue Vehicle.Cabin.SteeringWheel.Switches.Info true