For adding a custom linux software/service like cannelloni you have to do the following steps:

  1. Add repo via devtool (gitrepo stands for the url)

    devtool add gitrepo
    2. Try to bitbake, if it is working go to step 3

    bitbake packagename (gitrepo name)
    If it is not working you can do (repeating) following steps until it is working

    1. change/modify the recipe in /workspace/recipe/packagename
    2. change/modify the sources in /workspace/sources/packagename
    3. bitbake packagename

    Now update the recipe, if you do this the first time you have to adapt the license and the LIC-File-Checksum

    devtool update-recipce packagename
  2. Build the recipe and image with devtool

    devtool build packagename
    devtool build-image agl-demo-platform

    If that is working you could add it to git/gerrit. You have to add your recipe to a layer.

    1. Copy files to the recipe
    2. add recipe to a packagegroup
  3. Git

    git review 
    git review -s
    git remote -v update
    Build recipe