The documentation gerrit repository contains AGL documentation website template and content, rendering is visible at The documentation site is hosted on readthedocs and corresponding builds are mentioned here.

Download Repository

Clone with commit-msg hook :

$ git clone "ssh://<LFID>" && scp -p -P 29418 <LFID> "documentation/.git/hooks/"

Building a local site

  1. Change into the directory

    $ cd documentation
  2. Install MkDocs and rtd-dropdown theme

    $ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. If pip is not already installed then install it

    $ sudo apt-install python3-pip

  4. Serve locally (default rendered at

    $ sudo mkdocs serve

Process to add new or edit existing markdown files to AGL documentation:

Directory Structure

Find existing or add new markdowns in the following directory structure.

├── docs
│   ├── 1_Getting_Started
│      ├── 1_Quickstart
│      └── 2_Building_AGL_Image
|   ├── .....
|   |
|   ├──<Chapter_Number>_<Chapter_Name>
|   |   ├──<Subchapter_Number>_<Subchapter_Name>
|   |   |   ├──<Index_Number>_<Markdown_Title>.md
|   |   |   ├── .....
File Naming convention AGL follows Snake Case (snake_case) naming convention to name the documentation files. This type of naming combines words simply by replacing the space with an underscore (_). All the names will also include a index number before the name. Index number will use two digit numbers from 01-99 followed by name of the file. For example: If the file name is Build Process then it will be written as

Note: If a file needs to be inserted in between already created sequences, then the index number will be the last index number followed by new numbering. For example, A new file is inserted between 06-07, then the index number for the new file will be 07_01, as in gist sorting, 07_01 will appear after 06 and before 07.

Markdown Formatting

  1. Add following at the start of each markdown :

    title: <enter-title>
  2. Internal Linking :


Broken Link Checker is a tool that allows to check all the hyperlinks in the site.

For testing hyperlinks as soon as the local site is running, do:

$ blc http://localhost:8000 -ro

For testing hyperlinks of live website do:

$ blc -ro

The Broken Link Checker output will display the broken link and there location in the site.

Submitting changes

  1. Install Git Review

    #recent version of git-review  (>=1.28.0 is required)
    $ sudo pip3 install git-review 
  2. Write commit message (Note: Please follow submitting changes guideline to write your commit message.)

    # track all the new changes
    $ git add .
    # Write the commit message
    $ git commit --signoff
  3. Push changes for review to Gerrit

    # first time only
    $ git review -s
    # then to push use
    $ git review