The meta-agl layer provides the minimal set of software to boot an AGL Distribution system. You use this layer as the minimal core on which to build AGL profiles.

NOTE: The meta-agl layer does not include a reference UI. The reference UI is included as part of the meta-agl-demo layer. Furthermore, meta-agl does not include additional components, such as security, which are part of the meta-agl-extra layer.


The meta-agl layer itself contains many sub-layers and files. Following is a "tree" look at the layer:

├── LICENSE.GPL-2.0-only
├── ->
├── docs
├── meta-agl-bsp
├── meta-agl-core
├── meta-agl-core-test
├── meta-agl-ic
├── meta-agl-ivi
├── meta-netboot
├── meta-pipewire
├── scripts
├── templates

This list provides some overview information on the files and sub-layers in meta-agl:


This section describes the AGL packagegroup design:

core non-ui packagegroups

graphical subsystem


(Barely) bootable image

minimal image and SDK (console)

weston-based image for re-use

image for use in the YP autobuilder

image with extra QA tooling (e.g. to run LTP)

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