The meta-agl-demo layer is the reference user interface layer for the DEMO platform of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL). The layer provides a reference platform and applications. The BitBake target name for the DEMO platform is agl-demo-platform, which is the full DEMO platform image.

Layer Dependencies

This section describes dependencies for the meta-agl-demo layer. Dependencies are grouped into base, hardware, and feature dependencies.

Base Dependencies

The meta-agl-demo layer has the following base dependencies:

Hardware Dependencies

Aside from the previously listed base dependencies, if you are using a supported Renesas board, these dependencies exist:

Feature Dependencies

The meta-agl-demo layer has the following AGL feature dependencies:

The agl-sota Feature:

The agl-netboot Feature:


All patches must be submitted via the AGL Gerrit instance at See this wiki page for details:

Layer maintainers:

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